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850x1000 GOLEM
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mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 850 x x x x x x
Rod 850 x x x x x x
Profile horizontal 1000x850 x x x x x x
Size image
Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400V 11,0 15-80 9080x67x1,6 12500
Lmin Lmax Bmin Bmax Hmin Hmax V
6030 6030 5400 5400 2850 2850 800

Control systém:
Machine is equipped with an electronic system MAHLER. A control system of machine displays a working states as blade speed, cutting feed and a state of single working movements. A part of a system are also inputs and outputs for connection of an above-standard accessories.
Cutting feed rate is regulated by hydraulic throttle valve leaded by servomotor enabling very precise feed rate. The operator sets in the program needed feed rate (mm/min) and the machine will set it up. In this way there are no external factors influencing cutting feed like temperature (viscosity) of hydraulic oil. Two basic regimes of automatic system regulation (ASR): ARP a RZP.
RZP= System allows to set the optimal cutting feed rate depending on material band position. Cutting feed rate is regulated on begining and end of cut. It is suitable for using of carbide blades.
ARP = System of the automatic regulation of the cutting feed rate depending on the cutting resistance of the material or blunting the blade.
Systém offers two basic modes of ARP: BIMETAL and CARBIDE.
BIMETAL mode is suitable for optimalization of the cutting feed when cutting profiles by bimetal blades. The cutting feed is higher if the blade cuts sides of the profile. As the blade reaches the full material, the system reduces the cutting feed automatically so that teeth gap of the blade would not be filled.
CARBIDE mode is suitable for cutting of full bars. If the blade is excessive loaded is the cutting feed reduced on 50 % and cut is finished by this speed.

The machine is constructionaly designed in that way, so that it corresponds to extreme exertions in productive conditions.
The arm of machine with columns situated as near the clamping vice as possible minimizes vibrations and enables max. cutting performance.
The arm of the machine is robust, heavy weldment and it is designed so that a toughtness and a precision of cut was ensured.
The arm moves along two columns using a four row linear leading with a high loading capacity. Arm movement using two hydraulic cylinders.
The robust steel pulleys sloped of 25 degrees regarding the level of the cut. Thanks to sloped arm the twist of the blade is eliminated and these is possibility to bring the blade closer to the minimal distance from the linear leading on columns. This arrangement eliminates vibrations and enables the max. cutting performance of the machine.
Arm of machine has a an automatic sensor for a measuring of a position above material and there is also end-stop for setting of bottom position.
The machine has not any vice.
Clamping table has got its own drive – motor with frequency converter. Tabel is with T-grooves for clamping of cutted material.

Basic equipment of machine:
The blade leading in guides with hardmetal plates and leading bearings and along cast iron pulleys.
Machine has hydraulic band tightening.
Automatic indication of blade tension.
Option. It enaqbles of cutting in two levels thanks-to specialized placement of guides –position for horizontal direction: arm is fixed, cut ensures the clamping table – guides are twisted to 90degrees in comparation with standard position. Positin for vertical cuts: guides are in standard position, clamping table is fixed, cut enables of the arm. All positions are controled by measuring and control system. This option is possible to order during the production of new machine only, not additionaly.
A cleaning brush is driven by an electroengine and ensures perfect cleaning of a blade.
There is a planet gear box drive and a three-phase electroengine, a fluent regulation of a blade speed by a frequency converter for a fluent change of blade speed.
The cooling system for emulsion, leaded to the guides of the blade and by LocLine system directly to the cut groove.
Massive base with a tank for chips and with chip extractors. Base is designed for manipulation manipulation with machine by crane.
Indication of blade tightening and opening of the cover.
Controlling 24 V.
Maschine is equipped with hydraulic system which controles all functions of that maschine. It pushes the arm to cut, pulls up the arm and opens and closes vices.

Basic equipment of machine:
Chip extractor
Lighting of workink space.
Band saw blade.
Set of spanners for common service.
Manual instructions in eletronic form (CD).

Operating cycle:
• setting of blade speed and shift speed
• upper position – adjustabled by the button
• start using the button at control panel
• setting of cut deepness
• shift speed of the arm (speed set at c. panel)
• cut, arm stays in bottom position
• two ways – blade stays or runs during movement of arm up
• moving with arm above the cutted material using the button at control panel

Sawing blade 67 mm

Sawing blade 67 mm

Sawing blade 80 mm

Sawing blade 80 mm. Different blade guides and wheels


Controling system MAHLER.


Hydraulic tension of band.


Lighting of workink space.


Cleaning brush of blade driven actively by motor.


Chain chip extractor, includedd 1 pcs of BOX-TRI.


System of the automatic regulation of the cut depending on the cutting resistance of the material or blunting the blade.
ASR= Automatic adjustment of shift to cut, pursuant set parameters. Regulated shift on begining and end of cut. It is suitable for using of carbide blades. Handling using servo-engine.


Clamp for clamping of material at work table.


The aplication for the change of the cutting plane. There is a seating of the guide and the hydraulic turning of the plane + controlling system for vertical as well as horizontal cuts. 


Box for the chips 200 l with emulsion draining to the waterproof tank.


Wasteless lubricating system, instead of emulsion cooling, specially for cutting profiles and non-ferrous metals, neccessary supply of pressed air  6 Atm.


Laser indicator of cut position.


Laser safety wall.

850 - QPARTS

Set of easy worn away spare parts :
* 20 pcs: hard-metal plate side LNKW 19-1198000, HF10
* 20 pcs: screw for vidia plates US14
* 12 pcs: bearing 61905 2RS
* 10 pcs: cleaning brush

850 - NAV

Manual instruction – printed version.


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