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About us

Who we are?

A group of 130 people who like to create, to think up, to produce and to improve = TO WORK.

What do we do ?

We create technologies for cutting of material – we produce band saw machines suitable for cutting of metal and other devices needed for this operation.

Who are the owners?

Our owners are clear – two generations of Gonda family.

What is hidden in the PEGAS name?

The company founder, Ing. Josef Gonda´s put to family business not only his whole personality, but his name too. The code is as follows: PE = Pepa (Josef), G = Gonda AS = and sons.

How do we do it ?

<> a) We think it out – our team of technicians, engineers and designers deal with the construction of band saw machines and prepare technologies which are focused on the currect legislation and are environment friendly.
b) We produce it – we are an engineering company equipped with a complete production technology (cutting, welding, milling, machining, painting as well as assembling).
c) We sell it – sales department ensures products launching to our business partners as well as to end users with the stress to correctness, serious manners.
d) We tax it – our accountants pay attention so that all business is clear and fair to society and valid standards.
e) We repaire it – our service staff is ready to help our clients immediately.

We obtained ISO 9000 and 9001 quality certiificate in the year 2000, so we believe our way is correct, and our business stays on the solid base.

Why do we do it?

Not only we like it, but it is „bread and butter“ for our 130 families.

Where do we do it?

All our business is concentrated in Slavkov u Brna, Czech Republic. The area of our plant is approx 6500 m2

How long have we been doing it?

We sold the first machine to our client to Ceske Budejovice city on 18th of March 1990. So – we celebrate 30th anniversary.

How many machines do we produce?

The first machine has nowadays over 15 000 siblings all over the world. We produced 1250 machines in the year 2016, our goal is to exceed a production of 1500 machines/year. Our current production capacity with 100% use of our technologies enables the production of 4000 machines/year.

Who are our clients?

People and companies who like to create and work as we do, and who are not ashamed to work.

Who are our suppliers?

Solely trustworthy companies with the similar philosophy and strategy as we have. A lot of our suppliers are our clients and friends together.