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Joint band saw machines, 150x200 GHE-R
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mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 150 110 x x x x
Rod 100* 70* x x x x
Profile horizontal 170x140 110x120 x x x 170x75
*Recommended values for maximum performance of the blade.
Size image
Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400V 0,6/0,8 40/75 2060x20x0,9 160
Lmin Lmax Bmin Bmax Hmin Hmax V
1100 1100 600 600 1750 160

Gravitational band saw machine. Working movement of the arm is caused by the weight of the arm itself, speed is regulated by a hydraulic cylinder.
The machine is designed for cutting of material in vertical and angle cuts, angle cuts are possible to set fluently from 0 to 45 grades to the right. Change of angle using quick clamping handle.
It is suitable for piece production and small series production. Thanks to its robust construction it enables cutting of wide range of profiles and full materials.

The machine is constructionaly designed in that way, so that it corresponds to standard exertions in productive conditions. That is why all carrying parts are made as cast-iron castings (solidity, absorbtion of vibrations and stops). Parts of arm, vice and turn table is cust iron.
The arm of the machine is made of cust iron and it is designed to ensure the power and the precision of the cut. Arm is 25 grades sloped, it increases the lifetime of blade.
The vice is made from cast iron. Jaws ensure safe clamping of the material.
The manually operating vice is situated in an adjustable dovetail groove and is equipped with a quick clamping.
Moving jaw of the vice is manual with a wheel and trapeze thread.
Turn table is cust iron. A turntable gives a big place for supportion of material and its perfect clamping.
Manuall turning of the table for angle cuts, angle fixation using quick clamping lever.
General angles are adjusted by the nonius.

Basic equipment of machine:
Leading of blade in hard-metal plates.
There is a guide situated on the firm beam on the drive side. On the tightening side there is the guide situated on the moving beam.
The guide beams of moving band guide is adjustable in whole working range. Manual adjustment and fixing of the guide beams.
Guide holder moves in adjustabled dovetail groof.
The saw-band is equipped with a guard, which protects the operator from millings and cutting emulsion.
Mechanic tightening of the blade.
Drive of machine is solved by worm gear box with pernament oil filling. Three phase engine with double winding, two cutting speeds. Termoprotection of engine.
The cooling system distributes cutting emulsion to the band guides.
Base with a tank for chips.
Indication opening of the cover.
Controlling 24 V.

Basic equipment of machine:
Measuring end stop.
Band saw blade.
Set of spanners for common service.
Manual instructions in eletronic form (CD).

Operating cycle:
Manually controlled quick clamping vice, cut is regulated by a hydraulic. After finnishing the cut machine will stop itself automatically and an operator lifts the arm manually to the start posittion. Feeding of material is manually.


Set of easy worn away spare parts :
* 4 pcss: hard-metal plate 155
* 4 pcss: bearing 608 2Z

150 - NAV
150 - NAV

Manual instruction – printed version.


Packing on the palette 0,8 m x1,2 m.


Package - wooden box 1,2 m x 2,0 m.


Packing in the wooden cage.

150-SET M42

Set of 10 blades in M42 quality – customer choose blade's TPI. Blade specs: 2060x20x0,9.

VD 2000/280

Light roller table, length 2000 mm, width of cylinders 280mm, capacity 100 kg/m, included the leg and connecting console. Only for straight cut. The angular cut will by limited!

VDO 2000/280

Light roller table, length 2000 mm, width of cylinders 280mm, capacity 100 kg/m, included the leg and connecting console. Only for straight cut. The angular cut will by limited!

V 280

Movable cylinder, adjustable height, width 280 mm, capacity 100 kg.


Movable cylinder, adjustable height, width 290 mm, capacity 200 kg.


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