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Highly-efficient double-column band saw machines, 540 CALIBER X
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mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 550 x x x x
Profile horizontal 550x500 x x x x 550x460
*Recommended values for maximum performance of the blade.
Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400V 5,5 15-150 6200x41x1,3 3325
Lmin Lmax Bmin Bmax Hmin Hmax V
3250 3840 1945 1945 2425 2422 800
  • It is a highly efficient semi-automatic,band-saw.
  • The machine is designed for vertical
  • It is suitable for serial production in industrial premises. Due to its robust construction, enables the cutting of a wide range of material qualities, including stainless steels and tool steels.
  •  The saw is designed for cutting straight bars of steel material.

 Control system:

  • Machine is equiped with programmable PLC SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-1500. The saw blade drive and arm movement are completely controlled and drive by SIEMENS technology.
  • The coloured touch screen HMI SIEMENS TP 700 COMFORT enables easy communication with an operator. It shows working conditions (blade speed, moving to the cut, cutting parameters etc.)
  • Display size 7´ (93mm x 153mm)
  • The machine works in semiautomatic mode.
  • Cutting feed rate is regulated by control system by means of the servodriver, servomotor, ball screw and preloaded nut located on the saw arm. This achieves a very precise cutting feed.  The operator sets in the program needed feed rate (mm/min) and the machine will set it up.
  • Two basic regimes of automatic system regulation (ASR): ARP a RZP.
    • RZP = Zone regulation. System enable to cut material in 5 zones, because of setting optional cutting feed and blade speed according on blade position..
    • ARP = System of the automatic regulation of the cutting feed rate depending on the cutting resistance of the material or blunting the blade. Systém offers two basic modes of ARP: BIMETAL and CARBIDE.
  • The control panel is located on the console in a safe position. The control panel includes a digital display of the saw control system and a high quality foil keypad. The keypad is used to control the basic movements of the saw (movement of the arm and vice) and to start the saw's working cycle. The control panel is also equipped with a safety button to stop the saw.
  • Safety module with autodiagnostics.
  • 24V control


  • The saw is designed to fully support the efficient use of carbide saw blades. The band saw has a robust design to withstand extreme stresses in production conditions. All machine components are designed and optimized to minimize vibrations and allow maximum cutting performance of the machine.
  • Saw blade speed range 15 – 150 m/min
  • The saw arm moves from top to bottom via 2 linear guide rails with 4 carriages with preloaded ball bearings. The linear guide is mounted on robust columns.
  • The arm is a robust weldment and is designed to ensure the necessary rigidity and cutting accuracy
  • Movement of frame by linear guideway, sharpen ball screw, preloaded nut, flexible clutch, worm gear and servo-drive.
  • The saw blade is guided on robust cast iron pulleys.
  • WRS - Reinforcement of pulley mounting - drive pulley mounted directly on the output shaft of the gearbox. The pulley is supported on both sides by a bearing seat =minimizing the load on the shaft seat. The tension pulley is held/tensioned by two hydraulic cylinders at both ends of the centre pin =significant reduction of stress and extension of the life of the bearing. The tension pulley mounting is with zero play=conical bearings secured by KM nut.
  • Frame using measuring system for evaluate frame position over material. The upper and lower working position of the arm is set by entering a value into the saw control system
  • Bandsaw use for identify position absolute rotational encoder=  Isn´t requirement to reference position when machine is switched on.
  • Movement of the clamp of the main vise by rail in linear guides by means of a long-stroke hydraulic cylinder. The long-stroke jaw ensures full stroke = clamping of even very small rods. The second jaw is solid..
  • Control valve for vise pressure adjustment, pressure indication on pressure gauge
  • There is a roller conveyer which supports material in whole feeded lenght.
  • The saw blade is driven by a bevel gearbox, asynchronous motor and frequency inverter.
  • External fan cooling of the saw blade drive.
  • Thermal protection of the electric motor
  • Belt guidance in guides with plates and guide bearings and on cast iron pulleys and in the upper part (reverse) the belt is supported by a vibration damper
  • The inclination of the saw blade against the plane of the vise is 7 degrees. This ensures higher performance when cutting profiles and bundles and at the same time increases the life of the saw blade
  • The saw has a guide on the drive side mounted on a fixed beam. On the tensioning side, the guide is mounted on a sliding beam.
  • Blade guide beam adjustable over the entire working range. The movement of the guide is linked to the movement of the vice clamp. It is therefore not necessary to manually adjust its position.
  • The guide beam moves by means of a linear guide (2 rails, 3 trolleys) with high load capacity.
  • A new way of mounting the guides - a solution with a regulated spacer.
  • BGT-S - mechanical pressure of the saw blade in the guides by means of disc springs
  • The space between the saw blade guide and the pulley is provided with a cover to protect the operator from the moving saw blade. The covers also protect the surrounding area from falling chips and cooling emulsion.
  • The saw is equipped as standard with hydraulic saw blade tensioning - allowing ideal cutting conditions to be maintained at all times. The tensioning force is provided by 2 hydraulic cylinders.
  • Automatic Indication of correct saw blade tension by means of a pressure sensor.
  • Cleaning brush driven by electromotor ensures perfect cleaning of the saw blade.
  • Cooling system for cutting emulsion, fed into the blade guides and directly into the cutting channel using the flexible LocLine system.
  • Robust base with chip tray. The base is designed for handling the saw with a crane
  • Microswitches for opening pulley covers.
  • Hydraulic unit located outside the base - better cooling and access. The hydraulic unit controls the functions of the saw: opening and closing the main vice, tensioning the belt. The hydraulic oil pump is located outside the oil tank.
  • Cover bodywork that covers the movements of the rear of the arm. The body minimises the risk of injury and contamination of the saw's surroundings with chips and cutting emulsion.
  • Chip rinsing pistol
  • LED strip for work area lighting.

Basic equipment of the machine:

  • Saw blade
  • Tool set for routine machine maintenance.
  • Operating instructions in electronic form on CD.


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