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Joint band saw machines, 350x400 GHI-LR
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mm 45° 60° -45° -60° Bundle Bundle
Tube 350 300 x 300 280 x
Profile horizontal 400x230 380x230 x 360x230 240x230 350x180
Total power Engine power Blade speed Blade lenght Weight
3x400 V 2,6/3,1 35/70 4520x34x1,1 760
Lmin Lmax Bmin Bmax Hmin Hmax V

Gravitational bandsawmachine PEGAS 350x400 GHI-LR with hydraulical rise of arm to upper position is very efficient machine used for cutting constructional or hard machined, alloyed steels. The machine is able to cut perpendicular and angular cuts in semiutomatical cycle. Angular cuts can be fluently set from 0 to 60° to the left, 0 to 45o to the right and can be arrested in any place. The machine is equipped with automatical indication of correct band tension, the band is tightened manually.
The machine is constructionally designed in that way so as it allows maximal use in extreme productiion conditions. The frame is made of two castiron parts, which are connected by a steel beam, other support parts are castings.
The machine is equipped with a hydraulical agregate with control 24V.
Working cycle of the machine: - after mechanical clamping of jaws and setting of the arm working positions, the operator starts the cycle by the switch on the control board. Band drive is started up and the machine moves to the cut. The speed of arm move to the cut is regulated by the operator with help of a throttle valve. After finishing cutting the arm lifts to the upper working position and the band engine stops.
The control system of the machine gives information about correct band tension, about correctly closed band cover and with help of LED diode it is possible to see engine load and cutting resistance.


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